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if Wood became your most beautiful accessory?

SmartPhone Wooden Shells

KiwiBox SmartPhone Charger

Wooden comb

Peigne en bois d'AlisierPrésentation

Wooden Watch

Gamme de montres en bois SandalWood présentation

Bow ties in wood

Gamme de Noeuds papillon présentation

Wooden card holder

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About d’Alisier




Our approach

While technology has never so much permeated our society, there is at the same time an aspiration more and more strong to regain the taste of nature and authenticity. By founding D’alisier, a young team of entrepreneurs has set themselves the ambition of responding to them by marrying everyday objects, including the most connected ones, with the most basic natural matter wood.

Our team is rich in experience with strong responsibilities in various sectors, ranging from the big fashion houses to the development of technological products. Our common passion for woodworking has pushed us to unite our talents in order to create a whole range of products (glasses, watches, smartphones, shelves, …) allowing you to coat your favorite objects and accessories with precious wood.

Coupons immediately short to a received idea: to cut wood is not to kill the forest, but simply to accompany the work of nature by allowing its renewal. Wood is the only renewable, biodegradable and fully exploitable raw material that is rich, economical and multi-purpose.

D’alisier works in close collaboration with cabinetmakers, carpenters, and many woodworkers, in the deepest respect for the environment and our quality objectives. Our human network, bound by shared values, is our main asset for charming your daily life while contributing to the common effort of ecological consciousness.


In the beginning …

After several years spent in the world of luxury and artificial products, I wanted to regain a form of freedom by working with natural materials and by engaging myself in the service of a strong environmental vision. History to remake me an image of the world that makes us live.

For a year, I traveled all over the world traveling through cities, forests, farms and fields. I drew unforgettable encounters, exchanges with many passionate craftsmen, and I learned to work noble materials. It was during this journey that I migrated the idea of ​​creating D’alisier.

Through d’alisier, I wanted to extend this acquired experience by materializing it in a project able to be shared with the greatest number.

Hippie? no ! Extremist? Even less ! I am simply a lover of beautiful and beautiful things, who considers that technology and environment are not incompatible. Through simple consumption choices, we can associate each other and feel nature accompany us all day.

For that, make wood your most beautiful accessory!

In the Wood for Love


    • coque en bois d'ébène bord blanc vue de face

      Coque en bois d’ébène pour SmartPhone bords blanc

      Cette coque de protection est vraiment mon produit favoris de par son côté élégant et doux au toucher avec une rigidité qui a fait ses preuves.
      Un Produit qui fait parti des nouvelles tendance que je recommande chaudement !